Are Huskies Dog lazy: Complete Guide to Huskies

Posted by Jori Griner

While some people prefer to own dogs that are loyal, protective, and energetic, others are drawn to the laid-back personality of huskies. They’re often called “the dog of the north” because they were originally bred for the harsh cold climate. 

But how do you know if a husky is right for you? What are its personality traits? How much exercise does it need? And is it one of those dog breeds that are just naturally lazy? Let's find out!

Are Huskies Dog lazy?

Huskies are not lazy. This is a fact. But that doesn't mean they are always busy and energetic. They do have their off-days just like any other dog breed.

So, why is the husky often considered lazy? Is it because of their appearance? Or is it because of the lack of information about them? Let's take an in-depth look at the husky and find out if there really is anything to these myths!

Facts About Huskies and Their Personality

Huskies are Arctic sled dogs that got their names from the Inuit word “Eskimo”. They are also referred to as the Siberian Huskies or the Inuit Dogs. 

Huskies are recognized as a distinct dog breed by the United Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club. They’re descendants of the original sled dogs of Siberia. They were used to pull sleds for the Inuit people and to haul their sleds over the ice.

Huskies are energetic and mischievous dogs. They're often full of life. They love playing, running, and digging holes. They're also very people-oriented. This means that they need to be in a home where people are present the majority of the time.

Why are huskies often considered lazy?

Huskies are not lazy by nature. The dogs were originally bred as sled dogs, and they are very active. But like all breeds, their personalities vary.

You can find a husky that is energetic, playful, and always on the go. Or you can find one that is so laid-back that when you wake up on weekends, he’s practically passed out on the couch most of the time. A husky’s personality is affected by its owners, its environment, and its genetics.

How to Make Husky More Active:

How to Make Husky More Active

There are plenty of effective ways to get a husky moving. Huskies can be active and energetic, or you can find one that is happy to lounge around for most of the day. It all depends on the personality and the owner’s training. Of course, it depends on the weather, too. But huskies have the ability to run for hours because of their heritage. So, it’s in their nature to be active.

Here are a few ways to encourage him to be more active:

Go for a walk:

For exercise, you can take your husky on long walks, or you can set up a simple training program that includes agility, obedience, or even flyball. A walk is a great way to burn off energy. It’s also a fun activity you can do together.

Most huskies are very good on a leash, and they’re great for walking. A husky will love walking in the fresh air. It’s an enjoyable way to get exercise and bond with your dog.

A husky will love walking in the fresh air. It’s an enjoyable way to get exercise and bond with your dog.

Go on a Hike:

Hiking is a great way to get your husky moving. If you’re going on a trail hike, you’ll probably want to take a backpack with some water, some dog treats, and something like a disposable litter tray if you need it.

Overall, hiking is a great and fun activity for you and your husky. This will help him burn off energy, and he’ll have a great time exercising with you.

Keep the Husky’s Weight Under Control:

You can make sure that your husky doesn’t get too fat by making sure that he gets the right amount of food.


Swimming is a great way to get your husky more active. He’ll love being in the water, and he’ll enjoy running around.

Play fetch:

Take along a favorite toy and make it a fun game. Huskies love to chase, so this game is guaranteed to be a hit.

You can also get a toy that is made of rubber that he can chase to encourage him to be more active. Rubber toys are great because they are soft, so they won’t hurt his teeth.

Bring Around Other Active Dogs:

Bringing a dog that is not very energetic around other dog breeds that are can actually make him more energetic. You can also bring him to a dog park or even a running group to meet other active dog breeds. This can help him to be more active, and it can help him to socialize.

What is the best dog food to keep Husky Active?

What is the best dog food to keep Husky Active?

In order to make sure your husky is active and energetic, you first need to make sure he is well-fed. The best dog food for huskies is a premium food that is high in protein. This will help your dog maintain his energy and keep him from becoming sluggish.

As with many dogs, the husky’s diet should also be supplemented with vitamins and supplements. Giving your dog extra supplements will help boost his energy level.

Final Thoughts:

All dogs have their lazy days, but this doesn't mean that you can’t get your husky to be more active. You just need to know what to do, and you can get him to be more active. It’s all about motivation and having a good training plan.

If you have any questions or want to share any other ways to get your husky to be more active, please let us know in the comments below.