At what age do huskies calm down? (7 effective ways to calm them down)

Posted by Sean Bartlett

Huskies are the most hyperactive breeds who were bred for their athletic ability to pull sledges and run for long distances in the snow. But now, this desirable quality of Huskies has become a cause of concern for many behaviour problems. Husky owners face a tough time managing their hyperactive behaviour that is easily excited by any change in their surroundings. 

What Age Do Huskies Calm Down?

You have no hopes of calming it down unless they grow 6-12 months old. Husky puppies have the highest energy levels and are very inquisitive about their surroundings. Be prepared for a hyperactive husky puppy if you have adopted them young. 

Gradually as it grows, your husky with begins to calm down as it reaches adulthood. It is best to start training your puppy at this stage as they are more open to learning new tricks and grasp things quickly with positive reinforcement.  

At what age do huskies calm down? (7 effective ways to calm them down)

Why is my husky so hyper? 

Huskies are susceptible to being overstimulated by their environment and start responding to change through aggressive behaviour. When in such a fit, owners have a tough time calming down the husky. But they fail to understand that it is better to prevent such bouts of hyperactivity than control them. 

Huskies are hyper also because of their high energy levels required as huskies were originally bred to pull sledges over long distances under harsh conditions and difficult terrain. Now living in the city, Huskies hardly find ample opportunities to exercise and play to wear their high energy levels. A lack of exercise makes them so hyperactive. When this pent up energy is combined with new triggers in the environment, it can lead to overstimulation and even behaviour patterns that can be seen as aggressive. 

At what age do huskies calm down? (7 effective ways to calm them down)

7 Effective Ways to Calm Down a Hyper Husky

  1. Huskies need to be taught and trained to be calm, and it can be expected from them to know what acceptable behaviour is. Teaching them some basic commands and having preventive measures ready can ensure that your Husky remains well behaved even in troubling situations. 
  2. Huskies are known to be aggressive towards smaller animals and other dogs, and it is because they have not been exposed to them from an early age. Gradually expose your husky to different people and other pets in a controlled environment.
  3. Identify the triggers that are setting your husky off and their behaviour patterns. Being aware of the triggers and the response it elicits from your husky would enable you to control its hyperactive behaviour even in new environments. 
  4. Gradually desensitise your husky with ample training and exposure so that they become immune to the trigger. Therefore, this might need some time, and it is better to start early with the training. 
  5. Invest in a calming chew toy designed to calm your husky as it chews on it. This way is most effective when you give it a chew toy right before it starts a tantrum and has the time to calm down gradually. 
  6. Huskies sometimes get agitated and hyperactive when they want your attention. So remember not to give in to their demands and encourage the habit. Try ignoring the husky completely and walk out of the room if it gets too jumpy around you. 
  7. Invest in professional dog obedience training. Huskies are difficult to train and require time to learn obedience. It is sometimes better to let the professionals handle the difficult tasks. 
At what age do huskies calm down? (7 effective ways to calm them down)

Common Mistakes When Trying to Calm Down a Husky

Right, when you have covered the “dos”, it is also important to cover the “do nots”. Many new owners are unprepared when a husky throws a tantrum and are likely to do certain things that will only heighten the situation further. Read on to know what you should never do when trying to calm your husky:

  1. Huskies tend to shout and throw a tantrum, trying to grab your attention. Try to ignore the husky or even leave the room to stop encouraging this kind of behaviour. 
  2. Do not raise your voice when the husky is shouting; it will only see it as an opportunity to howl louder.
  3. Dont get angry or try to get handsy with the dog. This will not send calming and soothing vibes and will only agitate it further. 
  4. Sometimes ignoring overactive behaviour like sudden running and playfulness is better ignored as they might trick you for more treats. 
  5. Eliminate any triggers in the environment, try to gain your husky’s attention, and remain calm. 

At times, huskies can be a lot to manage, but they can also be your adorable cuddle buddies. It all depends on how well you care for them. Huskies need dedicated care and exercise, and it is only possible to manage them when you are well prepared for it. Huskies need great commitment and can be the best companion as long as you are dedicated to giving them the best life.