Do Huskies Like To Cuddle? [Explained]

Posted by Jori Griner

Dogs are known for being loving and affectionate creatures, but some dog breeds are more loving than others. Huskies are wonderful dogs that love being with their owners and giving them lots of attention.

There are many things that these dogs love about people. And many things that they love to do with people. Huskies in particular have a reputation for being very cuddly and are known for getting along well with their owners and other pets.

Whether you have just adopted a Siberian Husky or have always had huskies, you're probably wondering how do huskies like to cuddle? See this article for some insight.

What Are the Ways Huskies Show Affection?

What Are the Ways Huskies Show Affection

Depending on the huskie, some will enjoy being cuddled, while others will not. Although they do show affection, they do so in a different way. You must learn to recognize when they are feeling affectionate.

Huskies show affection in the following ways:

1. Holding hands

husky holding hands

Holding hands or, more precisely, gently taking your hand in his mouth and holding it. This is his way of showing affection. He's telling you that you can trust him and that he won't bite you. Allow him to do it rather than shaking him off and running to the sink to wash your hands. Wait until he isn't looking and wash your hands then.

2. Rubbing against you

If you rub against your legs or any other part of your body, even for only a few seconds, it is still a sign of affection. Even if they simply sit next to you, touching your legs, it is still a sign of affection. Alternatively, you might offer them a place to lie down in your personal space.

3. Bringing you his favorite toys

Husky dogs love to play and will do anything to get you involved. That's why he always brings you his favorite toy. Favorite toys, however, are special. They are usually very protective of them and will not share them. 

So when they invite you to play with their favorite toy, it's a big deal. The gesture conveys more affection than the gesture itself would imply, but it is likely not something they will do again. If that happens, make it a big deal and have fun.

4. Yawns with you

He yawns with you. A yawn can mean different things to different people. It's referred to as an appeasement gesture. They yawn when they are uncomfortable or suspect a dangerous situation is about to occur. You should yawn if they do so in response to yours. When you yawn and your husky yawns with you, it signifies that he understands you and that you are friends.

5. Nudging and Nosing

He may appear to be kissing, but it is probably not affection, he is probably asking to play. Watch out if he punches you with his muzzle. He may be telling you something important and you might be bugging him.

When Huskies Do Not Like to Cuddle? 5 Reasons

Here are the reasons why huskies may not like to cuddle.

1. Don't Hug him too much

Huskies may like to be cuddled, but they don't like to be smothered. They don't like to be hugged too much. Don't squeeze them too tightly it can be very uncomfortable for them and may make them tense. They don't like to be suffocated. They are sensitive to the feeling of being trapped.

2. Stay away from the face

The face is very sensitive and it may be uncomfy for him. They may feel as if you are rubbing their face in something and that you are annoying them. It's best to avoid the face.

3. Don't lean

They don't like to be leaned on. They may feel as if they are going to be knocked off balance and they may feel that they will fall. They are naturally very stable. They are very safe when they are standing on their own. They like to stand on their own and don't like to be leaned on. When you lean on them, they may feel like you are crushing them. They don't like to be crushed.

4. Avoid licking

Licking is a natural thing for them to do. It's their way of expressing affection. However, they may not like the feeling of your tongue on their body because they are very sensitive and may feel that you are licking their faces and that they are being attacked. It may feel as if you are trying to remove them from their skin. 

They are naturally very sensitive to the feeling of being attacked. They may feel that it's a bit invasive. They are naturally clean animals and they don't like to have their fur licked.

5. Don't grab them in the middle of an activity

Huskies can be temperamental. They would be annoyed if you grabbed and held them in the middle of an activity. That is why you should refrain from disturbing them while they are sleeping or eating. 

A disruption like this could set off their predatory instincts. If this type of disturbance occurs frequently it may cause anxiety and aggression.

How can I get my husky to cuddle more?

Do Huskies Like To Cuddle? [Explained]

Play with them

Take a toy and wave it in front of their faces. Playfully run around until they chase you down. When they play and come to you, give them some more cuddles.

Scratch their tummies

When they're lying down and bending down, scratch their tummy. They will appreciate it if you do that.

Cuddle them with a treat

You should give your husky a treat if they back away from you, so they know that hugs also mean a good treat. Eventually, they will start initiating hugs of their own because they will enjoy the hugs.


A Huskie loves cuddling and is always ready to cuddle. They are devoted, affectionate, and very loving. You can hold hands with them, yawn with them, and bring their favorite toys to them.

Their owners are very protective of them and they enjoy being around people. This breed is the best choice for someone who enjoys cuddling. It's important to remember that Huskies can be aggressive if they feel uncomfortable.

You should avoid touching them by the face or interrupting their activities if you want them to act aggressively.

In this article, we discussed the important characteristics of huskies and how to cuddle them. Hopefully, this has helped you to better understand huskies.