What Size Collar For Husky Puppy?

Posted by Jori Griner

If you have a husky puppy, you need to know what size collar to get him. After all, you want to pick the right size collar for your beloved dog. You don’t want to get something that’s too small and tight, that can strangle your dog. 

Nor do you want to get something too big and bulky on your pet. So, if you are seeking information on what size collar should you use for your husky puppy, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will discuss what size should you consider for your puppy and also some of the important factors before selecting the best collar for your husky. So, let's get started.

What is the right size of collar for a Husky Puppy?

A dog collar that fits huskies will ideally be between 15 and 22 inches long. Choosing the right size collar for your puppy is important. If the collar is too tight, it can choke your pup and cause serious injuries to your pet. 

If the collar is too loose, he may easily slip out of it even when you are holding him in your hand. So, you can choose the collar size for your husky between the inches that we have mentioned above. 

Tips To Choose Right Collar Size For Huskies

Tips To Choose Right Collar Size For Huskies

1. Consider the breed:

Consider your dog's breed first while looking for the proper size dog collar. Because some of them grow bigger as they become older, while others stay the same size. 

As a result, while purchasing a collar for your dog, you must consider their breed. Make sure the collar you buy fits them properly and is flexible enough to support their breed's potential growth.

2. Measure the neck:

The easiest method to measure the size of the dog's neck is with a ruler or tape measure. You just have to wrap the tape around your dog's neck just behind its ears. In inches, the measurement will show you the size of the dog collar that you need.

3. Temperament of your husky:

You can get a collar that is made less for strength and more for comfort if your Husky is a softer dog that you have greater control over as a pet owner. A sturdier Husky collar, on the other hand, may be the better option if your Husky is jumpy or pulls.

Key Factors To Consider While Buying Collar For Huskies

Key Factors To Consider While Buying Collar For Huskies

Here are some of the important factors that should be considered while selecting a collar for your beloved husky. Let's take a look.

  • Material:

The material of the collar is an important factor you need to consider before you buy a collar for your puppy. you should get a collar that is made out of nylon or leather. They make the best material for the collar of your puppy. These materials are soft and easy to wear for your dog and will stay for a long time. 

  • Clasp:

The clasp is the point where you put the collar on the pet. Some clasps are hard to handle and fiddly to work. So, you should look for a clasp that is easy to open and close, and also sturdy.

  • Color:

Color is one of the things that would be noticed by many people and can make your dog look fabulous and also make your dog stand out from the crowd. So, you should choose a bright color according to that your husky's color. This will make your puppy visible from distance.

What Is The Purpose of Collar?

  • The most common reason for using a collar is to restrain your dog. It helps you to control your dog during walks and prevent your pet from running away when it is unleashed. 
  • The collar should be worn by your dog at all times. Even if you are at home, your dog should wear the collar. So, it will keep your dog safe from harm and accidents.
  • It will also help to identify your dog at a distance. So, it will be easier for you to find your dog when you are lost.

Best Types of Collars For Husky Puppy

What Size Collar For Husky Puppy?

You can choose from different types of collars for your husky puppy. They are listed below. Let's take a look.

  • Nylon Collar

This is one of the best collars for huskies because it is made out of nylon. It is very soft and will not scratch the skin of your dog. Also, it is easy to handle, easy to fit, and will keep your dog safe from biting. In addition, you can clean it easily without any effort.

  • Velvet Collars

A velvet collar is an eye-catching alternative if you value style, elegance, and refinement. For your puppy, this collar is the ideal combination of comfort and style.

  • Martingale Collars

A limited-slip or no-slip collar is another name for a martingale collar. A dog breed with a narrower head than its neck will benefit from this style of collar. 

Final Thoughts

Huskies are very friendly and intelligent dogs. They are also famous for their hunting skills. So, you need to make sure that you get the best Husky collar that will make your puppy look beautiful and feel safe.

As you can see we have shared all the important instructions and tips to help you buy the select the suitable collar for your husky. Keep in min mind that when you buy a collar for your puppy, make sure that it is comfortable, flexible, and durable. A well-fitting collar can help you keep your puppy safe and will make your puppy look adorable.

We hope that we have been able to provide you with all the information that you need to make the best decision for your dog. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions.