Why Does Cane Corso Cry? (Reasons + 5 Tips)

Posted by Jori Griner

If you're a pet owner, you know that your dog will vocalize when they're unhappy. But what about if they cry? While it can be obvious to us that our children are upset and need consoling, it's not always as clear with our furry friends.

So why does my Cane Corso cry? Typically, they cry because they lack attention due to their attention-seeking nature. They might be weeping because they want to be fed, or because they want to go for a walk. In some cases, they are bored or lonely. Whatever the reason, it's important to try to understand why is it happening.

Anyway, as a dog owner, it can be heartbreaking to see your four-legged friend in distress. And while dogs of any age tend to whimper or cry from time to time, you should know why they're vocalizing to provide the best possible care.

Here, we will be discussing the possible reasons why your Cane Corso is crying as well as a few tips on how to stop it. Please take the initiative to read this article for your dog's benefit. You might occasionally commit errors that have a long-term negative impact on the health of your furry buddy. Later, you'll be the one who regrets getting a mutt in the first place.

Reasons Why Cane Corsos Cry (Common + Health Related)

Reasons Why Cane Corsos Cry

You need to take note of the context in which the whining is happening as well as your dog's body language to get a better idea of why it's happening.

Some of the common reasons why Cane Corso's cry are given below:

1. Lack of attention: As mentioned earlier, Cane Corsos are observant seekers. They cry when they feel that they're not getting enough care from their owners. This is often the case since their owners are busy with work or other commitments and don't have enough opportunity to spend with them.

2. Boredom or loneliness: If your dog is left alone for long periods of a while with nothing to do, it could start to cry out of boredom or loneliness. This is particularly common in puppies who are still adjusting to life without their littermates.

Boredom or loneliness can cause cane corso to cry

In addition, these dogs are extremely active and need lots of exercise; if they don't get enough mental stimulation, they might start to bark or howl excessively.

3. Fear or anxiety: In certain circumstances, dogs seem to cry out of fear or anxiety. This is likely to be due to a traumatic experience, such as being attacked by another animal, or due to panic attacks. This can be caused by changes in their routine, such as a new baby in the family or a move to a new home.

4. Pain or discomfort: Crying can also be a sign of illness or pain in your Cane Corso. If you notice that your dog is sobbing more than usual, or if they seem to be in pain, it is wise to take them to the veterinarian so that they can rule out any medical conditions that would be causing them discomfort. 

Health Related Reasons


Allergies can cause many symptoms in dogs, including itchy and watery eyes. If your dog is rubbing their eyes a lot or you notice that its eyes are red and swollen, it probably will be experiencing allergies.

If your dog's allergies are severe, they often need to be treated with medication. However, there are some things you can do to help relieve your dog's symptoms, such as wiping their eyes with a damp cloth or using artificial tears.


Your Cane Corso's tear ducts work to remove all sludge from the eyes. The eyes do not leak as a result of these dirt flecks draining back into the nasal canal. However, if you notice that your dog is drooling, check the area around its eyes for dark or reddish fur.

Epiphora is the medical word for the blockage of your dog's tear ducts. It results in wetness around the eyes, and your dog could become agitated as a result. Check with your veterinarian if the "weeping" or leakage persists for many days.


Your Italian Corso dog is more likely to get a corneal scratch if it is an active dog. Playing roughly with dogs or cats might result in a scratched cornea. Even it will occur as a result of rushing through dense vegetation or nearby missiles. A dog may paw at his eye, blink frequently, or have an inflamed eye area in an addition to moaning.

7 Tips to stop your Cane Corso from weeping

The first step is to figure out why your dog is whining and wailing. Is he excited? Bored? Anxious? Once you've determined the root cause of the problem, you can start to work on finding a solution. 

TIP 1. Avoid Separation Anxiety 

To help reduce anxiety about being separated, it's important to create a consistent routine for your dog. This means feeding them, walking them, and playing with them on the same schedule every day. Also, remember to spend a little quality period with your pet each day so they know that they are loved. 

TIP 2. Get Plenty of Exercises

Exercise your Cane Corso to stop it from crying

If your dog isn't getting enough exercise, it tends to start whimpering and whining out of boredom or frustration. To prevent this from happening, do not forget to take your Cane Corso on a long hike or run every day. You can also sign up for dog agility classes or do outdoor backyard training exercises together. 

TIP 3. Crate Train Your Dog

Crate training can be beneficial for both you and your dog as it provides them with a safe space to go to if they need quiet alone space. During crate training, make sure to introduce your dog to the crate gradually so they don't associate it with punishment. Start by providing them their meals in the crate and then eventually have them sleep in there at night

TIP 4. Don't Reward Bad Behavior 

Whenever your dog cries or whines, avoid inadvertently rewarding them with affection. Instead, IGNORE their cries and only give them attentiveness as needed they're being quiet. This is going to take plenty of effort and patience on your part but eventually, they will learn that screams and whining do not get them what they want. 

TIP 5. See Your Vet Regularly 

It can also be indicative of a medical problem so it's important to see your vet regularly for checkups. If your dog is in tears more than usual, make an appointment with your vet to rule out any potential health issues. 


While it may be annoying on occasion, crying is normal behavior for Cane Corsos. In most cases, they are simply trying to get your interest or tell you that the situation is wrong.

If you're struggling with a noisy Cane Corso, don't despair! There are things that you can do to help reduce this act. By following the tips listed above, you can help create a calmer environment for both you and your dog.